How To Customize The Layout of Your YouTube Channel & Add A Channel Trailer

Published on 14 Mar 2019 / In Entertainment

▼OPEN DESCRIPTION FOR MORE INFO & LINKS▼<br /><br />What’s up guys, DvApps here.Today I'll be showing you How To Customize The Layout of Your YouTube Channel and Add A Channel Trailer. If you watch my Channel Review/Shoutout Series, you would know the amount of people who don't have a channel trailer and the wrong layout on their channel, so today I'll be showing you how to fix that. It's really easy and I'm not sure why YouTube doesn't have the feature on by default. Also be sure to subscribe to my second channel. That's all for this video, make sure to like, comment and subscribe, thanks for watching until next time, Peace!<br /><br />▼Add me on League of Legends :▼<br />OCE Server: dverma<br /><br />▼Links:▼<br />Subscribe To My Second Channel:<br />Subscribe:<br />My G2A Link:<br /><br />▼Music:▼<br />NCS:<br />Epidemic Sound:<br /><br />▼My MCN:▼<br />My MCN is The Ziovo Network, which is a sub-network of Freedom!, they offer a 60/40 revenue share (can be increased up to 90%), free gameplays, free GFX & much more. <br /><br />Click here to join:<br /><br />▼Channel Schedule: ▼<br />I upload on Tuesday and Saturday, sometimes I post on other days, but that is unlikely.<br /><br />A special thanks to my 300 subscribers, it may not seem a lot but for me it is so, thanks.<br /><br />▼Enquires & Free GFX!▼<br />If you have any enquires or would like free GFX, e-mail me on or add me on Skype: DvApps<br /><br />Copyright DvApps ©2016 <br />All Rights Reserved.

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