Stop prescribing ’precious’ antibiotics for sore throats, GPs told

Published on 14 Mar 2019 / In Entertainment

Stop prescribing ’precious’ antibiotics for sore throats, GPs told<br />NICE and PHE also said doctors should use set criteria to judge how likely it is that people have sore throats caused by bacterial infections.<br />These are external links and will open in a new window<br />Doctors should not prescribe "precious" antibiotics for most people with sore throats and should recommend drugs like paracetamol, new guidelines say.<br />New joint guidelines from NICE and Public Health England, which aim to limit the use of antibiotics, said doctors should only be prescribing the medicines for more severe cases<br />that are likely to have been caused by a bacterial infection.<br />NICE said it was "vital" the medicines were only used when effective because of the rise of antibiotic resistance.<br />In October, PHE said patients had "a part to play" in stopping the rise of infections and<br />that more of them should be told to go home and rest rather than be given antibiotics.<br />England’s chief medical officer, Dame Prof Sally Davies, has previously warned of a "post-antibiotic apocalypse" where infections would become harder to treat<br />and common medical procedures such as cancer treatments could become too risky.<br />The Royal College of General Practitioners, which supports the new guidelines, said<br />patients needed to understand that antibiotics are "not a cure for every ill".<br />The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence said most sore throats were caused by viral infections, which cannot be treated by antibiotics.<br />" she said. that But it is clear that routine prescribing in all cases isn’t appropriate,

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